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Munise Aydogdu

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Hi, I'm Munise Aydoğdu. I`m currently living in Germany and taking an intensive German course. I have a B1 certificate from German.  Furthermore, I´m going to study computer science in Germany. So, this is my website where you can find the paintings, projects, and photos I have prepared.



I started coding when I was in 9th grade in high school. I have always loved creating mechanics or robots. So in our school, we started to learn Python, Arduino, and mBlock. And the end of high school's summer I started the software course and in this course, I learned Java,  JavaScript,  HTML, CSS, and Apex. At the end of the 9th grade, we attended a robotic competition called MakeX. My teammate and I passed the first elimination on 05.18.2019. Then we continued to improve our robot and codes. On 10.12.2019 we attended the final match of MakeX; we did really well. We won a bronze medal and 3rd place in the Turkey award. And it was one of my unforgettable memory for me.


When I was a kid one of my favorite hobbies was drawing. I have always taken art courses in my entire school life. And I started to do canvas paintings when I started high school. Especially during the pandemic, I painted so many canvases. And I love art because drawing always gives me good energy. When I draw something or paint, I always feel so relieved and relaxed.


My favorite sports are skiing and volleyball.

I started to learn skiing when I was 15 years old. I'm skiing as an amateur but I love skiing because it makes me feel unfettered. And also I love adventure so skiing is definitely for me.

My second favorite sport is volleyball because volleyball is a team sport and it is so much fun to play with friends. And I'm volleyball leader in our school's volleyball team.


I started to learn how to play a guitar when I was in 9th grade in high school. I took music courses in my school. And I have been playing guitar for 4 years. I also in my school music band and I play guitar for my school.


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2019 MakeX Robotics Competition

MakeX Final Match 
3rd Place in Turkey

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HOME: Beceriler
HOME: Beceriler

"Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving."

Albert Einstein

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